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My name is Shawn and I am a NYC Based Professional Photographer. I enjoy taking photos and capturing the moments of life as it unfolds. I’ve had the thrilling experience of growing up during the digital age but having the experience of dabbling in the historic field of film and see its contrast to the free and manipulative world of digital. I’ve used quite a range of cameras and learned different type of editing programs in my 10+ years of photography experience. I choose to run my business under the premise that everyone is family. Your moments deserved to be captured and immortalized.

Capturing Your Memories

When it comes to editing I make the choice to not edit my photos extensively. I will not change a models size or edit their appearance to be different then how the model is naturally that doesn’t represent photography to me. I want to capture the beauty of the person and the moment as it was. I feel that the perfect photo lies within how much post editing is needed. I take the time to make sure a photo is as close to the creative vision as possible. Each photo is a vision that could be better and improved in someway shape or form.

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