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Session Photoshoots For 1 Person Or Groups

Session Photography for models, cosplayers, friends, influencers and much much more

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Event Photography

Event Photography includes but is not limited to Weddings, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Receptions, BBQs, Fundraisers, Sporting Events, Concerts, Anniversaries, Fashion Shows, Club Events and many more!

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Photo Printing & Albums

Photo printing and album creation for those precious moments that you would rather have in physical form. Click below to see our different sizes and quantities available!

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Studio Rental

Access to a 500SQ Feet Studio in The East Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn, NY. Covering all of your photo needs with a space designed around productivity.

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Full Price List

Full Price List For All Services Provided. Photoshoots, Studio Rental, Event Photography and Printing.

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Studio Information & Rental Form

Availability & Rates
Deposit & Payments
Whats Included
Additional Equipment

The Studio is located in the East Williamsburg area of Brooklyn @ 350 Scholes St, Brooklyn NY 11206

A 6 Minute walk from the Morgan Ave Stop On the MTA ( L ) Train.

Cross Streets Are Morgan Ave & Bogart St.

Availability Is subject to change due to my own schedule or other renters. No time slot is reserved until a deposit has been made and confirmed. Should you like to reserve a time please use the form below to submit a request.

A Full Price List of Rates For Rental Can Be Found Here
or above near the top of the page as part of the full price list for all my services.

A deposit of 50% is required to secure studio time. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE and are retainers for your reservation.
Please note that until someone has placed a deposit on a time slot that slot remains available to everyone.
You should double check the status of your requested time just prior to placing a deposit as time that was available the day before may have been booked by someone else in the interim.

If a situation arises where you need to reschedule, you must notify at least 3 hours before you’re reserved time and date so that arrangements can be made to accommodate a new scheduling. Should you reschedule within 3 hours of your reserved time you will still be responsible for the remaining balance due on the rental.

The deposit and balance payments can be made at the studio in cash or on-line through Zelle “instant transfer” only.  (Please No E-Checks).


Free Wifi
Bluetooth Speaker
Makeup Station


3 Roller Wall Mounting Manual Background Support System
107″ wide x 36′ Paper (Black , Fashion Gray, Pure White ) Other Colors Available
Flashpoint 10′ Background Support System – Cushioned


Remotes and Triggers for ( Canon, Nikon, Sony, Etc )

1 ORLIT RoveLight RT 800AC TTL Studio Monolight With Bowens S Mount
2 ORLIT 450 KWIK Series Studio Flash With Bowens S Mount


1 Flashpoint Pro Air Cushioned Heavy Duty Boom Light Stand – 13′
2 Flashpoint Pro Air-Cushioned Heavy-Duty Light Stand – 9.5′
1 Flashpoint Pro Air-Cushioned Heavy-Duty Light Stand – 7.2′

Reflectors & Softboxes

1 Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Quick Softbox (38″)
1 Glow EZ Lock Quick Octa Large Softbox (36″)
1 Glow Foldable Beauty Dish With Bowens Mount (Silver, 34″)
1 Flashpoint Telescopic 24-65″ Reflector Bracket

A.) PLEASE DON’T ARRIVE EARLY!  The studio might be occupied by someone else or getting reset for your session or we may be taking a break and you won’t be able to get in till the time that you are scheduled to start. There is no waiting area in the building.

B.) If you have your kids with you please note that the studio is not kid proof.  The studio is built for adult use so please take extreme care if you have any children in your group and make sure that you have an eye on them at all times.  You are responsible for their safety.

C.) It’s important that anyone operating any equipment know what they’re doing.  If you’re not sure about something please ask first.  Im happy to help and set it up properly for you.

D.) Please leave the studio in the same condition you found it in.  Return all furniture and equipment to its original location, throw away all trash and take all your things with you. If you leave a mess you may be charged a “studio reset” fee.

E.) No Smoking Or Pyrotechnics in the studio or building. No Exceptions

F.) Please keep the music playing to a acceptable volume for our neighbors.

G.) Your rental time should include the time you need to wrap but I know that it doesn’t always work out that way. If you’re running late I do allow a 15min grace period so you can finish wrapping up without going into overtime.  Even if you are running late you can’t keep shooting past your scheduled time with out checking with me to see if overtime is available. If you think you’ll need extra time try to let me know as early as possible.   Overtime is billed at a rate of 1.5 x the standard hourly rate.

“You” (the person renting the studio) are responsible for the studio and it’s contents as well as the safety of “Your Group” (including all the other people in the studio with you).  “You” individually assume all responsibility and all liability for any damage, theft or injuries, whether negligent or not, that occur during your scheduled time as a result of your actions or of the actions of anyone else in “Your Group”.  By renting the studio “You” promise to personally reimburse the studio for repair or replacement costs relating to the damage or loss of any studio property that occurs during your rental time.  “You” hereby certify that studio equipment will only be operated by qualified studio technicians in a manner that is safe for everyone in the studio.  All equipment must be operated with due care in a  manor that does not exceed the capabilities of the studio or it’s electrical system.   Please take note of the condition and arrangement of the studio and it’s contents when you arrive as “You” are responsible for returning the studio to the condition in which you found it and “You” agree to pay a “studio reset fee” if you have not put the studio back in proper order by the time you leave.   Finally “You” agree to ensure that you, “Your Group” and all of your property will be out of the studio by the end of your session and “You” agree to pay any overtime fees that you incur as a result of staying in the studio past your rental period. We are not responsible for any property left in the studio after your session.

Additional Equipment Available are various Lenses and Camera Bodies For Canon Users.

Additional Equipment Rates Are Available Here

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